How you will avoid any serious injury with your knees you should strengthen the Glute muscle that abducts the leg. Exercises with resistance band are one of the best solutions to fix tight or weak hips and glutes. Some of the best are: Standing, kneeling, lying abduction with single leg; reverse lunges with resistance band on the front leg; squatting with resistance band; hip thrust on the bench or stability ball.

Here are the details of my injury. I was sprinting with a 175lb sled. The rope was too short and when I came out of the hole the sled launched forward violently contacting my loaded achillies and cutting it in half. Normally I would have flown directly to Seattle. I did very quick research and found who I believed to be the best Dr in Alaska to perform this repair. As soon as we talked I said “I plan on breaking world records on your repair”. I was waiting for the typical “Youre too old, youre gonna need to slow down”. This guy said “Challenge accepted, just know most peoples strength only recovers 60-90%”. I said “ just know, I’m not most people”. He said “I want you to prove me wrong”. I knew this was my guy. Most people get 3-4 reattachment points, he gave me 5. There is no real speeding up this rehab like I am used to with shoulders and backs. Recovery will be one year. I will, take advantage of everything I can find to support recovery and I will squat 800lbs. Mark my words.

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This industry, like the U.S. food industry, is unregulated. Top chemicals of concern: parabens, formaldehyde, fragrance: its toxic ingredients are allowed to be completely left off label, heavy metals: lead acetate, chromium, thimerosal, hydrogenated cottonseed oil, which is also in a lot of food, and sodium hexametaphosphate, teflon, phthalates, titanium dioxide, and carbon black.

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